CLAD - Side Project - iOS App PM

CLAD is the everyman’s solution to style. 

By creating a social platform to detail your looks, CLAD makes it simple and fun to keep track of what you have, discover what you don’t, and plan for those vexing occasions that life throws at you. A personal catalogue for your fashion inventory. It turns your device into a digital closet, working to help you capture, archive, and plan your attire. 

CLAD is the solution to wanting to look good, but having no idea where to start.

Whenever it’s out of their comfort zone, guys need a blueprint– they have an event: what do I wear? They’re going to a black tie: what does that mean? They’re going to meet their in-laws: how do I impress? I think that overall guys are interested in acquiring a wardrobe based on problem solving; finding something cool that fits into their lives.
— Nick Wooster, style icon in The Sartorialist


CLAD was a side project born from the aches that come from a day when nothing you put on feels right. The anxiety that builds as the deadline to pack clothing for your upcoming vacation approaches. Clad is a belief that, at a moments notice, you should be able to browse all the articles of your closet digitally. Every article; jackets, hats, shoes, pants, belts — anything and everything.

I started working on this project with Stuart Griffiths, a friend and one of my favorite designers, who you can find at I was taking a General Assembly course on Product Management and this was the perfect idea to dive into. CLAD has temporarily been put on hold, as one of our team members has moved back to Sweden. If I get the chance, I'd love to build out the outfit planner in full! I think it's a killer feature! Take a look at our though process below.