EVOO - Side Project - iOS App PM

What is EVOO?


EVOO is:

  • Tailored recipe recommendations
  • Quality-verified recipes
  • Easy-to-follow prep steps
  • Social sharing

Why use EVOO?

Recipe discovery is broken. Search overwhelms the user and lacks direction, while Browse is inspirational but lacks follow-through. We wanted to create a product that not only allowed you to find the perfect recipe through your desired parameters, but also continue creating the recipe.

The cooking process is fragmented. There’s no single product to search, store, and take action on your recipe! Cooks are left to individually aggregate across Evernote and/or Pinterest, neither of which is dedicated to storing and displaying recipe instructions. With recipe locations and types fragmented, the cook loses out on the opportunity to share recipes efficiently. Time is lost, ingredients are forgotten, and undoubtedly, side dishes are burned due to lack of streamlined instruction. We made EVOO to be a single place to browse, store, cook, and share your recipes.


What's the backstory?

A long weekend in Tahoe should be spent with 13 friends, but I spent it mostly over a stove. I cooked for 13 friends for an entire weekend, and planning recipes that could scale well and meet everyone's dietary restrictions was really a pain. I wanted a product that would help me plan many dimensions of a meal -- from costs I'd incur, to changing group size, to difficulty to prepare. A few weeks later, Stuart Griffiths, Thomas Chen, Yi Qin, Braulio Chavez, and I found ourselves creating EVOO at Y Combinator's first hackathon, YC Hacks.


Market Validation

EVOO is not delving into an uncontested market.

In the App Store, there are 2,199 results under keyword “cooking.” However, we still feel there’s demand for a consciously-designed cooking app that guides the cook all the way from recipe discovery to plating.

To validate the market for EVOO:

  • Created cookwithevoo.com splash page with an email collection field to monitor as we move forward with continued product development.
  • Once cooks take interest in EVOO, we will do further user research and user interview to align our product vision with the real demands and pain-points of cooks everywhere
  • Our top priority, however, is to get the app into the market and respond to the needs of the cooks that use it


Product Wish List

API Integration with Instacart

  • “Order with Instacart” included on Ingredients List page
  • API not currently available, but would align with product thesis of one end-to-end cooking app

Tastemaker Curated Content

  • Medium aced the content-production game when it first rolled out to select bloggers and personalities. EVOO should do the same for cooks, to ensure high quality recipes.

Expanded Social Sharing Options

  • Cooking is inherently social, cooks should be able to seamlessly share or receive  a recipe to/from a friend

Voice-Activated Timers

  • Cooking is a full-contact sport, and cooks’ hands are always busy. Voice-activated timers for cooking steps would keep the phone in a safe, clean place.

Notes on Recipes

  • Cooking is the art of change! Cooks should be able to save notes or modifications on their recipes for next time


Look out for more on EVOO soon!