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September 10, 2013...

Apple reveals that iOS7 will have a new design scheme based on simplicity and clarity. While tech blogs hailed the new age of flat design, pretty much all of Wrapp collectively sighed. We had spent two full years building the most pixel-perfect, drop-shadow-laden, beveled, and reflected app on the planet. At the time, I would've put the leather stitching on our mobile wallet up against the best. 


With a Series B under our belts, Wrapp went into pivot-mode and started immediately cranking out features for a new style of promotions in the application. We were betting on there being a slow migration over to iOS7, but unfortunately, things happened much faster than we were ready for. Pretty soon, even our heavily shadowed 3D-style logo looked wrong next to even the most basic flat logos. The compliments on our design stopped flowing in, and we all started to realize that we had a product from a bygone era. However, we couldn't afford to re-think all that we had done when we had new feature goals on the line. So, starting in pieces, we updated our product to a middle-ground so that when iOS6 deprecated, we could still have a live product. This was not done out of preference, but out of necessity, as we needed to keep shipping product to survive as a business. So, we shipped ugly. Very ugly. We were in a bizarre mezzo state in between iOS6 and iOS7, without a clear-cut plan on how to get flat.


Thankfully, as we went along, we started releasing updates that included flat design and a reimagined "Discover" tab to replace our antiquated homepage in Wrapp. We started removing the awful modals that created an overbearing user experience, slimming down the flows that were bloated with unnecessary detail, re-thinking how we present information to users in favor of clarity, etc.


Here's where we were. Check back soon for an update on how things are looking now.




Checking back in on this post. Wrapp has shifted its focus back to the Swedish market for Wrapp Next (https://www.wrapp.com/next). I loved working on this project, and I eagerly await its launch so I can follow its progress!

While this update includes more iOS7/iOS8 styling, it's very clearly a first version to me. Ideally, I would've liked to add a title bar on the feed view, so the user has a better sense of place. I would've liked to create better visual hierarchy for the Purchase Tab, so the user could easily focus on their transaction & the relevant offers that she earned. The list is, naturally, never-ending!  Here's where we landed on our last USA release: