QUITTER was a fun dabble into design. Hopefully my designer friends won't laugh, since I really like messing around in their territory.

A friend had a fun product idea around using Apple Watch to help people "quit" bad habits. The pitch essentially was: by recognizing a motion, you could train away certain bad behaviors. I chose to think of how this would feel for smoking.

 Clearly had growth on the mind with this sign up screen being the primary CTA.

Clearly had growth on the mind with this sign up screen being the primary CTA.

Approaching this "product" I wanted something that would become a daily habit. Why? Because that's precisely how smoking works. Smokers form routines throughout their days that center around smoking. By creating a product that can become a tech-replacement for a cigarette, I hope to replace a bad habit with a benign one. For this reason, I focused on a couple main elements of the product:

1. Log a Light Flow - Increase stickiness, a la MyFitnessPal. Ancillary benefit of knowing the severity of the smoking habit.

2. Your Smoking Stats - Quantified self, progress, and positive reinforcement

3. Social - Keep the user accountable to their friends and family

4. Personal Journal - Recommended to record emotions as you transform yourself

Upon wireframing the product, I figured that I could get away with not using an Apple Watch integration in the "go to market" version, since the log a light flow was pretty simple and easy. However, in the future, this could be added in a number of places - the first time user onboarding or in a phased onboarding approach as the user becomes more engaged.